just cadman (explosionsgirl) wrote in fouryearslogs,
just cadman

[in progress]

Who: Cadman exlosionsgirl and Dean fullonswayzed
What: In which Cadman and Dean are on watch, and they bond/snark/flirt.
When: The start of Day 02, around 2AM.
Where: The local police station
Warnings: If anything, adult language and innuendo; possibly discussion of gore. Dean and Cadman, all; like anyone thought any different.

Cadman stretched, arching her back and raising her arms over her head, and stifled a yawn. Everyone else was holed up in the armory, snug as mortally-terrified bugs in a rug; she and Hot Guy- who still hadn't told her his name, Jesus fucking Christ were his social skills somewhat lacking- were on watch right now. He had wandered off somewhere- probably to practice his best 'looking badass while shooting things and snarking' face, Cadman thought with some amusement- leaving her to her own devices.

She idly scratched at her bared hip; the sweats she wore kept falling off. Due to her intense lack of anything resembling clothing when they had arrived, she had been forced to rummage through the officer's lockers, hoping to God she'd find something to wear in them. (Hot Guy had suggested using the evidence lockers, but really? Bloodstains were something she wanted away from right now.) She hit the jackpot after the third one she broke into; someone had left workout gear. Okay, so the clothes were for a man about fifty or sixty pounds heavier than her, but it was that or walk around practically bare-assed. Way-too-big sweats won over a ripped-up prom dress and sparkly underwear in this situation anyday.

She sighed again, shifted in the chair, bringing her knee up to her chest and leaning her chin on it. God, this sucked. Sure, killing a zombie with a shoe was more kickass than anything she'd done in just about ever, but seriously? So not worth it.
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