Doctor Nusakan (beta_crb) wrote in fouryearslogs,
Doctor Nusakan

[in progress]

Who: Nusakan beta_crb and Dean fullonswayzed (unless someone else would like to save the poor psycho-in-training, in case just ask Chev. Warning, though, Nusakan imprints.)
What: Save the princess Looking for survivors.
When: Day 02, around noon
Where: Back at the school.
Warnings: Gore and language. Also possibly the ghei.

Prom night. Why had he been there anyway? It wasn't his place.

Dean casually mentioned he should go, that's why. So he'd found something presentable (but not too presentable) and went, then promptly hid in the bathroom when he had an ahthsma attack. Like any other night, alone and forgotten.

And then all hell broke loose.

Truth be told Nusakan couldn't remember much of what had happened. Bodies, everywhere, some living some dead some dead but still moving, he'd just shut down and couldn't think anymore, he knew he had to hide.

Cafeteria. Cold storage freezer for the things that had to be kept on ice. It was the only way he knew the building hadn't lost power yet. He'd been there going on nine hours now. Or was it ten? Oh god it couldn't have been less it felt like forever, he didn't have a watch and time was crawling by, all he could do was count each breath and pray it wasn't his last.

It had to be a while, though. He was starting to hallucinate. Was hallucination a normal state of hypothermia? Not until stage three.

Shivering almost violently from the cold, he untucked an arm from his side and held his hand out, tried to touch his little finger with his thumb. Just barely.

Not quite stage two yet. He felt like he was getting a little warmer. The building could be losing power. He told himself it was that. The refrigeration system was just failing, and that he wasn't heading in to stage two.
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