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Jo Harvelle

[in progress]

WHO: Jo Harvelle [alittletwistd] and whomsoever decides to join her.
WHAT: Jo rolls into Crescent City on a Greyhound bus pissed, dirty, and all kinds of homesick and... wtf is this nonsense?!
WHEN: Day 002
WHERE: Bus stop. Or something like that.
WARNINGS: Language akin to a fourteen year old girl with an inferiority complex who's away from home for the first time so she can swear! Zomgteenagedangstwtf?


Jo had to give her mom credit. She'd fucked this one up big time. Or maybe she'd meant to drop her baby girl off in the ass crack of the middle of nowhere with probably no way out and the kind of creepy townspeople they base horror movies off of. Not only was she in the middle of nowhere (the ass crack of, if you feel like gettin' technical), but she was also freaking exhausted. Harvelle fights weren't just your run of the mill mom and daughter spat, no no no, Harvelle fights were epic. And tiring. And Jo felt liked she'd run two back to back marathons in a row, played bait and pulled a double shift at the Roadhouse. All on a half a cup of decaf and a quarter blueberry donut 'cause Ash had hijacked the rest of it.

Yeah. She wasn't happy.

"This sucks," she mumbled to herself, watching the bus hightail itself outta town like it was tryin' out for NASCAR or something. She'd been too tired to care when they double, triple and quadruple checked her ticket, she'd just wanted to sit down and sleep and she said as much. Besides, 'family emergency' worked for most everything- they'd shut up after that. The screaming toddler behind her hadn't though, so that sleep she wanted so bad was gone. Now she was stuck in some weird ass town and all she wanted to do was sleep. For a week.

It wasn't her fault the cashier gave Ellen the wrong God damned ticket.

Too tired to walk to wherever she was supposed to be going (and who the Hell knew where that was supposed to be), Jo dropped her bag on the sidewalk and sat down next to it, elbows on her knees and chin in her hands. She looked as ruffled and pathetic as a little lost puppy with her pale face and slightly mess hair. Add in the fact that she was all of five foot nothing and maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet and she looked pretty pitiable. Maybe if she was lucky, and she didn't see that happening, someone would drive by and pick her up.

She could wait it out till then.
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