Dr. Cox (drdontgiveashit) wrote in fouryearslogs,
Dr. Cox

-open, in progress-

WHO: Perry Cox (drdontgiveashit) and the Hospital Scout Squad of Z-Day. (AKA: Whoever the hell draws the short straw for the supply run. So far we've got Laura Cadman (explosionsgirl) and Nusakan (beta_crb)
WHAT: Bandage Brigade, DUN DUN DUN. Also: Dude, morgue-inspired-zombie-corpses. Yummay.
WHEN: Day 003
WHERE: Crescent City's one and only Sutter Coast Hospital.
WARNINGS: Well, it is after all Dr. Cox. So one can assume that anyone he comes across is going to be belittled, condescended towards, and generally insulted. There may or may not be excessive usage of girl's names, but SHHHH.

Honest-to-acorn actual zombies. Gosh golly gee, if Cox didn't know any better he'd go about figuring this was all one of Newbie's strange, strange little fantasies, and that any minute now a gigantic velociraptor somehow resembling Ghandi would pop out of the elevator and try to eat his face. Which would then in turn be stopped by an overenthusiastic JD (dressed as Indiana Jones) who would then simper and beg and whine for Cox to acknowledge that yes, Newbie I am your Mentor now gimme a hug, stud.

Ugh, gag. Seriously who thinks up that sort of thing?

But the truth was, there were z-z-zombies abound! They made strangely satisfying thumps as he'd driven over them in what he assumed was the city's solitary ambulance (judging by the fact it was at least thirty-five years old and the steering wheel had an alarming tendency to pull to the left). Now, as far as Cox knew, zombies were not real. Then again, Kelso was real, and wasn't that proof enough right there that Hell existed and that one day the Apocalypse would come about, reigning hellfire on all mankind?

In his head, though, he had a hard time reconciling hellfire and zombies.

Or maybe Jordan had slept with the devil and talked him into sending some undead upstairs just for kicks! Maybe she was secretly Lilith and these charming little necrophiliac's-wetdreams were all the fruits of her loi--

Okay, wow, no, he actually did not want to contemplate the exact depth of her evilness, for once in his life.


Anyways, as things went, Cox was more familiar with hospitals than with anything else a tiny, shitty little city like this one had to offer. (Conversely, the same could be said for larger, more expansive cities, but hush, no one asked your opinion). So! To the Hospital! For Greater Justice! Or possibly just fewer zombies.
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