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Four Years of Hell Logs

Recent Entries

1/20/08 09:39 pm - eightcircles - [In progress] Chado

WHO: Neji (eightcircles and Inara elegantthestars
WHAT: Early morning tea.
WHEN: Early morning (three- or four-ish), day 2 or 3
WHERE: The police station, I presume
WARNINGS: None as of yet.

The Way of TeaCollapse )

12/27/07 02:40 am - drdontgiveashit - -open, in progress-

WHO: Perry Cox (drdontgiveashit) and the Hospital Scout Squad of Z-Day. (AKA: Whoever the hell draws the short straw for the supply run. So far we've got Laura Cadman (explosionsgirl) and Nusakan (beta_crb)
WHAT: Bandage Brigade, DUN DUN DUN. Also: Dude, morgue-inspired-zombie-corpses. Yummay.
WHEN: Day 003
WHERE: Crescent City's one and only Sutter Coast Hospital.
WARNINGS: Well, it is after all Dr. Cox. So one can assume that anyone he comes across is going to be belittled, condescended towards, and generally insulted. There may or may not be excessive usage of girl's names, but SHHHH.

Holycrap zombies.Collapse )

12/24/07 02:45 am - alittletwistd - [in progress]

WHO: Jo Harvelle [alittletwistd] and whomsoever decides to join her.
WHAT: Jo rolls into Crescent City on a Greyhound bus pissed, dirty, and all kinds of homesick and... wtf is this nonsense?!
WHEN: Day 002
WHERE: Bus stop. Or something like that.
WARNINGS: Language akin to a fourteen year old girl with an inferiority complex who's away from home for the first time so she can swear! Zomgteenagedangstwtf?



12/13/07 12:40 am - resurrectedrule - [in progress]

Who: Zuko resurrectedrule, open to partycrashers.
What: Doing your part to ensure that the doctors have enough test subjects to find cures for lung cancer.
When: Pre-Z-Day, anywhere between two months to a week.
Where: Behind the gym, cutting class.
Warnings: Underage smoking! Probably language.

Priorities.Collapse )

12/12/07 09:21 am - laptopfu - [in progress]

Who: Sam (laptopfu) and Faith (faithfullyslain) and anyone else wandering and awake at the police station.
What: Theorizing/hoping that the "zomg zombie apocalypse" is an local event. And coffee!
When: Day 2, 8 a.m.
Where: Local Police Station
Warnings: Slight language.

Coffee at police stations could only be described as sludge.Collapse )

12/12/07 12:52 am - ibn_la_ahad - -closed thread, complete-

WHO: Altaïr ibn_la_ahad and Azula fatumpromaiesta
WHAT: Altaïr does the whole assassin thing. Azula does the whole patricide thing. You know how I roll.
WHEN: Backlog, set about a month before the zombiefest of '07.
WHERE: Crescent City's only fancy sushi place, basically because enclosed areas with folding screens are hot?
WARNINGS: Well ASSASSIN sorta sounds pornographic, donchathink? That aside, nothing too terribly much.

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.Collapse )

12/12/07 12:35 am - beta_crb - [in progress]

Who: Nusakan beta_crb and Dean fullonswayzed (unless someone else would like to save the poor psycho-in-training, in case just ask Chev. Warning, though, Nusakan imprints.)
What: Save the princess Looking for survivors.
When: Day 02, around noon
Where: Back at the school.
Warnings: Gore and language. Also possibly the ghei.

In stage 1, body temperature drops by 1-2°C below normal temperature (1.8-3.6°F).Collapse )

12/11/07 07:41 pm - explosionsgirl - [in progress]

Who: Cadman exlosionsgirl and Dean fullonswayzed
What: In which Cadman and Dean are on watch, and they bond/snark/flirt.
When: The start of Day 02, around 2AM.
Where: The local police station
Warnings: If anything, adult language and innuendo; possibly discussion of gore. Dean and Cadman, all; like anyone thought any different.

Feeling I've been lost for years...Collapse )

12/8/07 06:30 pm - prettypuppeteer - [Complete]

WHO: Machiko prettypuppeteer and Inara elegantthestars
WHAT: Running from zombies.
WHEN: Day 01.
WHERE: Prom.
WARNINGS: The usual.

who we are and who want to beCollapse )

12/8/07 03:02 pm - eightcircles - [in progress]

WHO: Neji (eightcircles), Tenten (walking_arsenal).
WHAT: Dancing, zombies, and certainly NOT jealousy, of course. *shifty eyes*
WHEN: Day 01
WHERE: Zombie ground zero! AKA, PROM
WARNINGS: Violence, gore, Neji + Tenten = excessive cute

livin' it up when i'm going down...Collapse )
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