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Who: Sam (laptopfu) and Faith (faithfullyslain) and anyone else wandering and awake at the police station.
What: Theorizing/hoping that the "zomg zombie apocalypse" is an local event. And coffee!
When: Day 2, 8 a.m.
Where: Local Police Station
Warnings: Slight language.

The coffee machine at the police station was a well worn machine. It hadn't been too hard to locate since no one had turned it off during all the chaos and the near abandonment had caused the warmers to slowly ebb away at the remaining liquid in the pot. There was nothing like the smell of burnt coffee. Still, an emergency generator was an emergency generator.

Sam dumped out the remainder of the day old coffee in the sink and made a face at the disgusting congealed surface at the bottom. He set about cleaning it out and brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Coffee at police stations could only be described as sludge, but thankfully for Sam, there was more than enough sugar to cover the bitter taste of it all. And no comments about how a sixteen year old was going to stunt his growth. He'd recently hit six feet and, to Dean's dismay, looked as if he was going to keep on going.

He'd abandoned his suit jacket in the midst of the chaos at the prom and disposed of the pink tie when they'd arrived here. The top buttons of his dress shirt were undone and he had ignored the tiny splatters of... substance... at the moment. Sam wandered over to one of the workstations, grabbed a rolling chair and waited for the computer to boot up.

Normally, it'd be a good thing to have unlimited access to a police database but not at the moment. Cell phones were acting up which meant they had no contact with the outside world. Hopefully, the internet fared a little better. Sam waited as the computer fan clicked on... and waited... then his eyes dropped down to the make and model. Public funding really sucked here, didn't it? He got up and fixed himself a cup of coffee hoping the computer would be ready when he got back.

He waited a few minutes more once the computer got past the loading screen, then dropped his head, alternating his line of sight from the keys to the monitor and... nothing. The databases were intact but anything outside of the computer's network was a lost cause. He checked once, then twice, then pushed away from the desk and let himself slump in his chair.

"Damn it," Sam said. He rubbed a hand over his face, then pushed himself out of the chair. "Okay. Back to basics."

Looks like they were going to go about this the old fashioned way. He grabbed his cup of coffee-- sugar flavored coffee milk-- a bunch of pens and a pad of paper. The police station had to have city maps with locations. He'd start by charting out all the strange occurrences, noting the graveyards and looking for more secure areas. There were three possibilities that he could see. One, they were at ground zero and what ever happening here was going to spread (in which case they should try and stop it.) Two, the rest of the world was in the same situation, isolated and alone, or three, this was a unique occurrence. Which meant it had to have a specific purpose.

He grabbed a thick permanent marker, stuck the cap in his mouth, then studied the map on the wall. Let's see... the first cattle deaths had happened about... he circled the area with the marker... here.

(OOC: Oh, modly mods of awesome, let me know if I need to change any of the details, ne?)
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