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Who: Zuko resurrectedrule, open to partycrashers.
What: Doing your part to ensure that the doctors have enough test subjects to find cures for lung cancer.
When: Pre-Z-Day, anywhere between two months to a week.
Where: Behind the gym, cutting class.
Warnings: Underage smoking! Probably language.

Zuko's zippo made a few pathetic stuttering sounds as he tried and tried again to get it to light. Come on, just enough for one more cig... he could re-fill it when he got home.

No such luck.

The politician's son shoved the silver lighter back into his hoodie pocket, almost biting through the unlit cigarette in his mouth in frustration. The bright and cheerful weather only enhanced his dour mood - it was like the world was mocking him. He kicked a stray stone into the brick building, chipping a piece of the red stone.

It was then he got a flash of insight. He'd been in this position before and took steps to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Like a lightswitch his mood changed from explosion-waiting-to-happen to an almost desperate curiosity, tapping a few stray bricks before coming upon the right one and hefting it from the wall.

A small pack of all-weather box matches were stashed in the hole the brick made when removed. Zuko lit his cigarette before stashing the box away again.

Mission accomplished. he decided, leaning against the wall and inhaling the nicotine. This was much better than government class.
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Yuffie Kisaragi skulked around and then away from the gym's entrance. Gym class was a dumb idea in general, but then the gym teacher had gotten it into his mind to try mat tumbling.

She'd wanted to scream.

She slunk along the side of the building. Getting out had been a matter of timing. And if she could just find somebody with a free period who had a car, she could truly vanish.

She stopped to watch a hoodie-wearing figure rummage around in a hole in the wall, and then manage to light what was probably a cigarette, judging from the thin plume of black smoke. And then she moved closer.

Oh. Zuko. Second-scariest guy in the school. Well, she'd wanted company, hadn't she?

"Yo," she said as she moved in toward him.
Zuko's eyes narrowed at the approaching form, instantly distrustful and on guard at the sight of Yuffie. Petite dark-haired girls tended to gain that knee-jerk reaction from him, though he eased up marginally when he saw it was Yuffie and not the stuff of nightmares.

"What do you want?" he asked, the closest thing to a greeting he gave.
Even though she recognized the greeting for what it was, Yuffie snickered and shook her head. Her hair bobbed as she did so and she made a mental note to get a trim before prom, so it would spike properly.

"What everybody else wants, really. Make a bonfire outta the library, take a sledgehammer to the gym." She laughed. "I'd settle for 'escape', though."
"To where?"

Zuko's motorcycle was parked in the parking lot, far side from the gym but it would be relatively easy to make it over there, hop on and just go. The only hitch in the plan - it was a relatively small town. What establishment wouldn't be aware of normal school operating hours and know right away to call to inform them of students playing hookie?

He took another drag off his cigarette. Not like detention was anything big anyway.
Yuffie shrugged and looked out at the brick buildings, then looked back up at him, making eye contact. "Never had anywhere specific in mind. Someplace where I wouldn't get caught, I guess. Someplace that nobody ever went, like the graveyard or that dead-end road where the ferry used to be."

Dim, muted shouts came from the gym. She forced herself not to try to listen and extrapolate what had happened. There were only so many things that could go wrong--or right--with mat gymnastics.

A crooked grin knifed its way onto her face. "Why, you wanna escape, too?"

OOC: Taking a few liberties with the surrounding area, but, hey, every small town needs a dead-end road that slopes off into a lake or a river.
Zuko was pretty sure Yuffie didn't have a vehicle - otherwise she'd have been long gone by now. He eyed the parking lot thoughtfully as he took another drag off the cig. It'd be easy enough to get out, you just had to hold your head high and act like you knew what you were doing. They only really bothered the kids that looked like they were trying to be sneaky. Couldn't go too slow about it, though, otherwise they might be noticed by someone who actually knew better.

Hn, it'd be a change of pace at least.

Zuko tossed his cigarette on the ground and stomped it out with his boot, shoving his hands in the front pocket of his hoodie. "If you fall behind I'm leaving you." he said, turning and heading to his motorcycle.
Oy! He was going to let her come along? Miracles really did happen!

Just for the hell of it, she pulled into a cartwheel, moving just fast enough to pass him. In the interests of not pissing him off, she righted herself and walked like a normal person, at a normal pace. Or at least fast enough to keep up with him.

"So, where would YOU escape to?"
Zuko shrugged, fishing his keys out. They were on the keyring he had the keys to his Uncle's on. Zuko bought that damn bike with his own hard-earned money, he wasn't about to let his dad know he had it, so it stayed at his Uncle's when he didn't have that privilege.

"India. Africa. Tibet. Maybe Belize. As far from here as I could get."
Yuffie didn't think to wonder why anybody would want to run so far. She'd entertained similar thoughts, at times. And this place was small enough that, really, she couldn't blame anybody who wanted to get the hell out.

"That's pretty far. But I don't think we'll make it to Belize in a day." She stuck her hands in her pockets and flashed Zuko a cocky grin. "Think we could get to Seattle?"