Zuko (resurrectedrule) wrote in fouryearslogs,

[in progress]

Who: Zuko resurrectedrule, open to partycrashers.
What: Doing your part to ensure that the doctors have enough test subjects to find cures for lung cancer.
When: Pre-Z-Day, anywhere between two months to a week.
Where: Behind the gym, cutting class.
Warnings: Underage smoking! Probably language.

Zuko's zippo made a few pathetic stuttering sounds as he tried and tried again to get it to light. Come on, just enough for one more cig... he could re-fill it when he got home.

No such luck.

The politician's son shoved the silver lighter back into his hoodie pocket, almost biting through the unlit cigarette in his mouth in frustration. The bright and cheerful weather only enhanced his dour mood - it was like the world was mocking him. He kicked a stray stone into the brick building, chipping a piece of the red stone.

It was then he got a flash of insight. He'd been in this position before and took steps to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Like a lightswitch his mood changed from explosion-waiting-to-happen to an almost desperate curiosity, tapping a few stray bricks before coming upon the right one and hefting it from the wall.

A small pack of all-weather box matches were stashed in the hole the brick made when removed. Zuko lit his cigarette before stashing the box away again.

Mission accomplished. he decided, leaning against the wall and inhaling the nicotine. This was much better than government class.
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